Safety valves

Bulk production for the industrial sector

Controfluid has distinguished itself over the years for the precision and thoroughness committed to the production of industrial valves, designed for a variety of applications.

Products and processes are guaranteed by the highest quality and durability of materials used, and by hi-tech innovative equipment.

Controfluid also provides servicing and after-sales repairs, supplying suitable solutions to all problem issues on valves purchased.

Tested valves

Our qualified staff has proven skills and expertise in the production of safety valves, approved in accordance with current regulatory standards.

Safety valves are specific automated devices that provide an inlet and discharge, designed to prevent an installation containing liquids or gases/vapours from being subjected to dangerous pressure.

Certification of valves and control systems for water treatment processes

The following list includes the various products manufactured and supplied by Controlfluid for industrial applications:

  • Butterfly valves;
  • Seals;
  • Motorised ball valves;
  • Gaskets;
  • Electric and pneumatic controlled valves;
  • Industrial valves;
  • Gate valves;
  • Ball valves.

To receive more information on the activities and specifications of different types of valves, please contact our production department.

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