Guaranteed quality and durability

Industrial valves for regulatindg flows, including butterfly or pneumatic valves, electric, motorised or single valves, are manufactured using the most sophisticated technologies, designed for all industrial applications, from the petrochemical and chemical sectors to the pharmaceutical and energy industries.


Each element is subjected to stringent resistance and durability tests, to ensure maximum application and operating safety. For the production of all types of valves, ISO 9000 quality certification guarantees each product and protects customers.



After-sales maintenance service


After-sales service guaranteed by Controfluid covers all inconveniences that may arise in plants during operation.

We also manufacture flanges, couplings, fittings, seals, as well as:


  • Valve accessories
  • Reduction gears
  • Check valves
  • Vacuum valves


For all your flow management requirements, Controfluid awaits you at its production facilities in Ronco Scrivia, in the province of Genoa.

To see where we're located, click on the link below to view the interactive map in the CONTACTS section.


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