Globe valves

Production and sales for the industrial sector

Globe valves are employed primarily for regulating and varying flows, increasing or reducing the flow inside a conduit.

These valves can be totally closed, thus creating a condition of total isolation.

They are normally available in a wide range of types, sizes and materials; for their correct operation, globe valves must be of the highest quality, which Controfluid can guarantee on all its products.

Valves for managing liquid flows

These types of valves are just one of the products manufactured and supplied by Controlfluid, based in Ronco Scrivia, in the province of Genoa; Controlfluid has extensive experience and produces a complete range of systems for managing flows, whether for hydraulic conduits or other applications.

Controlfluid operates with ISO 9000 certification to guarantee all of its most innovative solutions, both for our own production line and all accessories and spare parts relating to it.

Our highly qualified operators are committed to providing their extensive expertise in the production of many other types of valves. Here is a list:

  • Motorised valves;
  • Vacuum valves;
  • Pneumatic and electric valves;
  • Single valves and flanges;
  • Solenoid valves;
  • Check valves;
  • Safety valves.

Controlfluid's staff at the company's production site are at your complete disposal to answer your questions and requests for clarifications relating to services offered.

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