Use and operation of gate valves

Controlfluid also produces gate valves, used primarily on supply pipelines and distribution networks for drinking water, irrigation networks, fire prevention networks, water treatment plants, pumping stations, tanks and flow regulating systems normally installed upstream and downstream of the regulator.

This type of hydraulic equipment is used to cut off conduits conveying water under pressure, but are not suitable for regulating flows, and are commonly made of cast iron or steel, with metal parts.

Accessories and spare parts: gears and seals

Controlfluid offers a wide range of products, accessories and spare parts, ensuring the highest quality and durability.

The following is a detailed list:

  • Valve accessories;
  • Industrial supplies;
  • Reduction gears;
  • Gaskets;
  • Check valves;
  • Fittings.

To receive more information on the various services provided and other available items, please contact our production site.

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