Check valves

Non-return valves

valvola di ritegno

Non-return valves are defined as such since they allow for the passage of fluid in only one direction.

The most common types are:

  • Swing check valves, used on air chambers or on the tyre rims of transport vehicles;
  • Butterfly safety valves , used for cutting off conduits on pumping equipment.

In hydraulic applications, they are mounted on feed pipes for circulation pumps, allowing for flows in one direction only, therfore preventing reflux.

Controfluid is located in Ronco Scrivia, but also services numerous customers in Genoa, where its qualified technicians are specialised in the production and supply of non-return valves, designed and produced in different models, types and shapes, depending on their intended use and needs.

Expertise and professionalism

Experience, flexibility and adaptability in production processes have allowed Controlfluid to maintain a high and consistent level of production, obtaining ISO 9000 quality certification in 1997 .

Customers are offered guarantees not only on the design, installation and sale of products, but on servicing and repairs as well, for safety valves or gate valves, by qualified technicians with a high level of expertise.

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