Butterfly valves

Purpose and use

Over the years, Controfluid has distinguished itself for its high level of expertise and the professionalism of its production personnel, supplying butterfly valves for intercepting or adjusting the flow of fluids in conduits.

The primary applications of butterfly valves include pressure regulation for the suction of endothermic engines, and as part of hydraulic circuits.

butterfly valves

Types of valves

Used as an alternative to gate valves for their greater facility, these valves are divided into three types, depending on the fittings adopted.

In fact, gate valves can be double flanged, wafer-style and Lug type.

Regulating flows of liquids used in different production sectors requires the use of high technology solenoid valves, providing reliability and ease of use, supplied with quality assurance by Controlfluid.

Accessories and spare parts butterfly valves

All parts are made of stainless steel or carbon, guaranteeing high performance over time.

Controlfluid also supplies check valves and vacuum valves, gearboxes and valve accessories,

including electrically controlled and pneumatic valves, and essential accessories for the correct and lasting operation of flow regulating systems, such as:

  • Flanges;
  • Fittings;
  • Seals;
  • Replacement gaskets.
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